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Illegal Drugs in Japan on the Record with Dr. Miriam Kingsberg Kadia (Colorado)

In this episode, Dr. Kadia (Colorado) locates the historical origins of Japan's strict anti-drug laws in Meiji-era nation-building, discussing the role narcotics played in Japan's image of itself as a modern nation, Japanese imperialism in China, and the postwar criminal underworld.

Postal Privatization on the Record with Dr. Patricia Maclachlan (Texas)

In this episode, Dr. Patricia Maclachlan (Texas) looks to Japan for lessons on postal privatization, discussing the background of postal privatization in the early 2000s, whether or not it was successful, and how Japan's experiences can be instructive for other countries considering postal reform.

Religious Responses to COVID-19 on the Record with Dr. Levi McLaughlin (NC State)

In this episode, Dr. Levi McLaughlin (NC State) surveys how Japanese religious groups have responded to the coronavirus pandemic, questioning sensationalist media coverage of Japanese religious groups, and introducing innovative adaptations religious groups have adopted to stay in contact with followers.

Refugee Detention in Tokyo on the Record with Dr. David Slater (Sophia)

In this episode, Dr. David Slater (Sophia) raises awareness of conditions for refugees detained inside the Tokyo Regional Immigration Bureau, highlighting how officials' limited efforts to prevent the spread of coronavirus inside are indicative of Japan's restrictive refugee policies more broadly.

The LDP-Kōmeitō Coalition on the Record with Dr. Amy Catalinac (NYU)

In this episode, Dr. Amy Catalinac (NYU) provides background for recent news of conflict within the LDP-Kōmeitō coalition, outlining how the electoral reforms of 1994 set the stage for coalition politics in Japan today and allow the small Kōmeitō to exert outsized political influence on the larger LDP.

Accessibility in Japan on the Record with Mark Bookman (Penn)

In this episode, Mark Bookman (Penn) reviews the history of disability in Japan to discuss how the Coronavirus pandemic presents new opportunities for able-bodied individuals to reflect on obstacles to accessibility in Japan and to work together to increase accessibility for all.

The Tokyo Sarin Gas Attack on the Record with Dr. Erica Baffelli (Manchester)

In this episode, Dr. Erica Baffelli (Manchester) calls attention to the 25th anniversary of the 1995 Tokyo Sarin Gas Attack, discussing how Aum Shinrikyō became violent, what role women played in the group, and how media coverage of the 25th anniversary was impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

The Firebombing of Tokyo on the Record with Dr. David Fedman (UC Irvine)

In this episode, Dr. David Fedman (UC Irvine) recalls the history of the firebombing of Tokyo on March 9-10, 1945, discussing media coverage of the recent 75th anniversary, the significance of the bombing within the history of World War II, and ongoing efforts to commemorate the event today.

COVID-19 and "Wartime Mobilization" on the Record with Dr. Paul Kreitman (Columbia)

In this episode, Dr. Paul Kreitman (Columbia) revisits the history of wartime home front mass mobilization campaigns in Japan, the UK, and the USA, to ask how lessons from this history can be applied to the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Panic in the Toilet Paper Aisle on the Record with Dr. Eiko Maruko Siniawer (Williams)

In this episode, Dr. Eiko Maruko Siniawer (Williams) contextualizes recent toilet paper panics around the world in response to coronavirus by revisiting the history of Japan's earlier toilet paper panic in the 1970s, discussing why people panic over toilet paper and what such panic buying reveals about Japanese society both in the past and today.

The "Japanese Secret" of Kakeibo on the Record with Dr. Hillary Maxson (Pacific)

In this episode, Dr. Hillary Maxson (Pacific) de-mystifies the "Japanese secret" of saving money using Kakeibo, tracing the history of Kakeibo in Japan and how Kakeibo reveal not only postwar food consumption habits, but also how women shaped everyday life and cuisine in postwar Japan.

The Abe Administration on the Record with Dr. David Leheny (Waseda)

In this episode, Dr. David Leheny (Waseda) takes a long-term view of the administration of Prime Minister Abe Shinzō, discussing how Abe was able to inspire optimism amongst voters and embrace pop culture to cultivate a popular image that has allowed him to become Japan's longest-serving prime minister.

Shuri Castle on the Record with Dr. Travis Seifman (Tokyo)

In this episode, Dr. Travis Seifman (University of Tokyo) discusses the catastrophic destruction of Shuri Castle in Okinawa and the devastating impact of the loss of hundreds of cultural artifacts, along with plans to reconstruct the castle and the unexpected benefits of restoring and replacing lost traditional Okinawan arts and crafts.

Tokyo 2020 on the Record with Dr. Robin Kietlinski (LaGuardia)

In this episode, Dr. Robin Kietlinski (LaGuardia CC-CUNY), details how the preparations for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics have reshaped Tokyo Bay, outlines the history of landfills in Tokyo Bay, and describes measures the Tokyo government is taking to limit environmental problems.

Japanese Defense on the Record with Dr. Richard Samuels (MIT)

In this episode, Dr. Richard Samuels (MIT) outlines Japan's current security concerns, touching on the status of the US-Japan alliance, the possibility of a fully nuclear-capable North Korea, and ongoing disputes between Japan and South Korea.