KonMari on the Record with Dr. Jolyon Thomas (Penn)

In this episode, Dr. Jolyon Thomas (University of Pennsylvania) unpacks the popularity of organizing consultant Marie Kondo and discusses problematic cultural assumptions about Shinto animism arising from her show, Tidying Up.
Read the original Twitter thread on Dr. Thomas's feed (@JolyonBT) or on his website: http://jolyon.thomasresearch.org/.

For more on the history and contemporary practices of Shinto, see:

1) Fabio Rambelli, ed. Spirits and Animism in Contemporary Japan: The Invisible Empire (Bloomsbury, forthcoming May 2019): https://www.bloomsbury.com/us/spirits-and-animism-in-contemporary-japan-9781350097094/

2) Jolyon Thomas, “Tongue in Cheek, Just in Case” (Sacred Matters): https://sacredmattersmagazine.com/tongue-in-cheek-just-in-case/